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Avoid Startup Marketing Pitfalls

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Avoid Startup Marketing Pitfalls


Mistakes are a vital element of the human condition. How we learn and grow from mistakes determines our success (or lack thereof) in life and business. Yet sometimes, we don’t have to make certain mistakes ourselves to be able to learn from them thanks to experienced mentors that point out the pitfalls and land mines they’ve discovered before us.  Some examples are:

Start Small to Go Big
Many times entrepreneurs feel they need to make a big splash, get the big client or be on national TV to truly launch their company. In reality, the inverse is true. Bootstrap your project in the early phases and use your own money to start slowly and small so you have the ability to make adjustments and evolve your business model or, in the worst case scenario, “fail in the small” without the world or big investors watching.

Listen to your Market

Starting small gives you time to prove that there is a market for your product and it is one you can serve. Don’t assume that the market needs or wants your product or that customers will only use it in the way you intended. For example, when Bayer originally launched aspirin as a pain reliever in 1897, the company had no idea the little pill could help prevent heart attacks. Today, with a wide variety of pain relievers on the market, aspirin’s use as a lifesaving cardiac aid is a key sales driver reinvigorating a century old brand.

Avoiding common startup marketing mistakes will prove to be one of the most important tasks for your project’s long-term viability. SEE SPOT Marketing works with startups to provide small business marketing and entrepreneurial consulting to help them define and achieve their own vision of success. What we refer to as their “Big.” If your marketing needs a lifeline, click to send us a note and one of our strategists will be happy to follow up with you.

Pitfall image by @joefoodie via Flickr.

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