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7 Ways to Grow with Twitter

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7 Ways to Grow with Twitter


As one of the largest social media channels, Twitter can be a great tool to market your business, promote your brand and build your customer base. And while we don’t believe it’s necessary to tweet every hour of the day, it can still be tough for entrepreneurs to create relevant and interesting tweets that drive engagement and sales. That’s why we’ve provided seven helpful ideas that can help you get the creative juices flowing and build a Twitter presence that is the envy of your marketplace. 1

1. Following
Following is the first step to growing your reach with both fans and customers alike. Following also allows you to hear what users are saying and learn how they think. Start by following your existing customers, clients and suppliers and then encourage them to follow you as well. You may even want to follow your competitors so you can be dialed into what they’re talking about too.

2. Hashtags
Hashtags are the backbone of the Twitterverse by allowing users to search and discover content based on keywords (e. g. #EpicFail). Including the number sign or hashtag in front of a term people are searching for puts your tweet into searches using that hashtag and allows potential fans and customers to discover your message. You can also use your company name as a hashtag so you can search for mentions directly related to your company and be able to address issues or discover comments you might not have seen otherwise.

Retweets help you share content that is relevant to your customers and your business. Over time, this added value enhances the perception of your expertise and improves your brand awareness. Also, once you have initiated this sharing relationship with your followers, they will be more likely to retweet content on your business, market, competition or other items of interest that you may have missed.

4. Links
Links allow you to direct users to relevant articles, posts and updates including your latest blog post or site update. Since each tweet is only 140 characters (including spaces), it is recommended that you shorten your links using a service like bit. ly so you have more room to review or tease the link in your tweet. Finally, as a courtesy to your users, test the link before you post and make sure it actually works!

5. Questions
Questions are a great way to engage your fans, customers and friends. Market research can give you an important leg up on the competition and Twitter can provide it essentially for free. Ask your followers questions about your offerings and you’ll glean invaluable data on how they use your products and what types of new products might interest them.

6. Photos & Videos
Photo tweets add important visual interest to your feed and also stand out in your followers’ feeds. With Twitter’s recent acquisition of Vine, you can now create and include short videos as well. When posting visuals of your offerings, don’t forget to make sure they are creative, relevant and engaging as well as in focus and high quality.

7. Mentions
Twitter mentions are a great way to not only create posts for your business, but also pay it forward by promoting your customers and partners. Mention how a customer is using your product or service and your post will show up in their feed, which will expose your company to all of their followers.

With these tips, you’ll be able to start building your Twitter presence as well as brand awareness and customer engagement. If you still have questions, feel free to call our social media experts at 336-497-1597 or reach out to us on Twitter.


Image by Esther Vargas via Flickr.

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