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3 Lessons from the WWDC Keynote

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3 Lessons from the WWDC Keynote


Admittedly, we’re Apple fans at SEE SPOT Marketing. We attend regular meetings for this addiction but it doesn’t seem to lessen the pull the tech giant’s products and services have on us. If you don’t follow Apple like we do, everyone from stock analysts to rabid fanboys to competitors have pummeled the company in the last 18 months for not releasing “the next big thing” quickly enough. And despite Apple being typically quiet and secretive on the new product front, many expected today’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) keynote to be full of new whiz-bang gadgets. Instead, CEO Tim Cook and his team let us know that they can hear the barbarians at the gate clamoring for something new, but they will only release something new when it’s ready. So how can entrepreneurs apply the message of today’s keynote video their small businesses?

Even big companies need to remind themselves what makes them different

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he developed the iconic “think different” campaign and which heralded the first renaissance of the tech giant.

Fast forward, 15 years and one can see Cook taking a page from Steve’s playbook to reinvigorate the brand. Everyone from customers to employees need to be reminded on a regular basis why the organization is unique versus your competition. Is that reminder based on nostalgia for a long history, a connection with a modern trend or some other intangible? Regardless, it all comes down to what story you tell and how you tell it.

The customer experience is key to long-term success

Apple is known for making products and services, which are intuitive and unified versus the clunky and disconnected Microsoft and Google offerings. Van roekel is something of a essaydragon.com essay writer rorschach , said andrew j. Translating this philosophy into your small business means less focus on racing your competition to the price bottom and more attention on making your customers feel immersed in the story you tell. By assembling a team that creates unique touch points with individual customers and focusing on how the unified design of your digital and physical business environments impact the customer perception of your company, you will be able to build an emotional bond with your customers that will be lasting, lucrative and your competition won’t be able replicate.

First mover advantage is sometimes a handicap

In reviewing the various nuances and features of the Apple new iOS 7, Android fans and others will claim that many elements in this new version have been around for some time in competing systems. Just like Paul Masson with its famous“We will sell no wine before its time”tagline, Apple knows that, unless they have a product that shifts paradigms like the iPhone or iPod, they will be more successful by figuring out the best way to evolve features and updates rather than trying to be first to market with them (see Newton, iCloud). So don’t rush to adopt technology like a new social media network or mobile widget just to beat your competition to the punch. Sit back and learn how to monetize it successfully based on their mistakes. Hopefully this free advice from the playbook of one of the world’s largest companies will help you to remember why you’re different, focus on the customer experience and don’t be afraid to let others make mistakes you can learn from. Ready to think differently about your marketing? Click to send us a note and one of our strategists will be happy to follow up with you.


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